Uncover Risk, Empower Growth

Streamline hiring, minimize risks. Our expert pre employment screening and checks allow you to focus on strategic initiatives and achieve sustainable growth while ensuring a secure, compliant workforce.

Unrivaled human intelligence meet advanced technology.

Benefit from the highest standards of information security and data privacy. With our ISO 27001 certification, you data’s security and privacy is a top priority. We adhere to meticulous compliance in handling sensitive information, following strict international standards.

Optimize Success With Precise and Time-Effective Employment Background Screening

Join global companies in safeguarding your business through efficient and compliant candidate screening. Streamline your employment screening checks to just a few clicks, saving time and eliminating the burden of managing multiple platforms.

Simple Screening

Simple+ Screening

Advance Screening





Safeguard Vulnerabilities With Our
Unrivaled Expertise

Due Diligence

Further protect your business and investments by eliminating risk and lessen liability with our corporate due diligence services in Indonesia .

UNRISK Your Business Today,
Regardless of Your Industry or Size

We offer customized risk management solutions to provide the necessary resources for success and expansion that address your business’s unique needs and facilitate growth.

Build stronger, more resilient relationships with employees

Employee’s integrity is critical to the success of any business. Have full confidence in your hiring process as our HR solutions providers verify the qualifications and uphold the highest standards of integrity for your candidates. Make informed decisions that safeguard your business’s prosperity with our exceptional employment screening services.

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    Your trusted partner in accurate employee screening and risks mitigation. Our mission is to equip companies with the most accurate and effective solutions to understand risk and make informed hiring decisions.